DESIGN 2 - Project 2.3 - Unit Of Inhabitation (Thanapat Itvarakorn)

 - PROJECT 2.3 -


This taxonomy , I want to show the reaction and scale of people when there use the space. From this building that I have design interior inside the first type from the project 2.2.

I want to show the reaction and scale of people.
         And the example of this unit I choose the coffee shop because It have communication and a lot of activity such as working , drink , eat , relaxing and sleep.


DESIGN 2 - Project 2.2 - Building (Thanapat Itvarakorn)

- PROJECT 2.2 -


From this city , the building that I choose is the sky-train station building. In this building , the system that control movement is rotation  of every walls.

 And It have 5 types of space in this station and it have some example to show the wall can rotate in many way.

Firstly , It can be a small shops or coffee shop , gallery room and restaurant.
        Next , I want these types are more private than the first. So I think it may can be studying and reading area feel more relaxation.
        And this one is can be relaxing and waiting area before you get to the train/
        The last one is the most privacy because it;s residence area and I design in the center was a park for the people who live in the building can chill out and relax.

DESIGN 2 - Project 2.1 - City. (Thanapat Itvarakorn)

- PROJECT 2.1 -


The Terminal -  The movie are about Viktor Navorski arrives at JFK in New York, war breaks out in his country. Because of the war, the Department of Homeland Security won't let him enter or exit the United States. He's trapped at JFK -- indefinitely. ( Maybe 6 or 9 months in the terminal )

 My topic is Temporary Boundary , which is temporary space that can control movement of the people by symbol in that saturation as you can see , the yellow in that saturation as you can see , the yellow crone and blue belt line are the symbol that control the movement.

So , this is my city , I have design the structure of the building are the grid. It will have a lot of square space in the building and different type of building , scatter around the city. And people can use the unit/building to create public and private space by them own.

DESIGN 2 - Project 1.2 - Constructing Situation (Thanapat Itvarakorn)

- PROJECT 1.2 -


At first. I have focusing on the convenient store and customers come to the store but T focus on the people that is standing at the front of 7-11 for example waiting and stand-eating. 

And the last time I have design the device is the stair chair (height 1 meter / wide : 1.5 meter) and there is a place to keep the stuff and leaning to relax for people at the front of 7-11. So, here is the new one of my design.

The second device is the lean chair (height : 80 cm / wide : 20 cm ) It will have the small hold on the street or sidewalk to put the device inside and there can expand form the ground and there are deep 80 cm from the ground. And it can pull out and push in back when you done. And it will make the site look not overgrown like the lasted design.

DESIGN 2 - Project 1.1 - Situation (Thanapat Itvarakorn)

- PROJECT 1.1 - 


In first phrase of the project we were required as a group to explore and collecting parametric spatial which agree as physical structure of the site and atmosphere data. Working individually two parameters for each person but work with others when parameters are related. SOi. Thip Wa Ri is the market where we have to explore .

At First. I have focusing on convenient store and customer come to buy the stuff at the store. But I focusing on the action of people at the front of convenient store.

( Type Of Customers )

( Shop Front Of Convenient Store)

Raewadee Lamlertsuk:Project 2.3

Raewadee Lamlertsuk
Leonid Slonimsky

Project 2.3

Raewadee Lamlertsuk:Project 2.2

Raewadee Lamlertsuk
Leonid Slonimsky

Project 2.2

The Concept behind the design is to find something in between and to make a person who has died erent my set can live together with no set a living’s concept of a new suburb of Paris and an old city district. The apartment was inspired from a conflict in the movie (between the new and the old). A circulation in a building generated from the way how Mon oncle moving into his apartment. The design of the building was developed from a building in the movie in a style of postmodern. I separate a building into three residential’s spaces. At first, the apartment has a given structure and a free space that allow a resident to customize his/her own room.

Year 1 Design 2